Peterfood Celebrated its 31st Anniversary by Presenting More Than 8,000
New Products
The largest food exhibition was traditionally held
on November 15-17 in St. Petersburg
The annual International Food Exhibition Peterfood ended on November 17 in St. Petersburg. Representatives of 120 retail chains met with suppliers to renew the product range. The exhibition was visited by 7 000 specialists in the FMCG market for 3 days
  • 260

    manufacturers presented their goods
    at the exhibition
  • 450

    buyers and Category Managers of federal and regional retail chains visited
    Peterfood 2022
  • 120

    retail chains renewed their assortments
    at the exhibition
  • 7000

    specialists in the FMCG market visited Peterfood 2022
  • 8000

    new product lines and delicatessen products were presented by manufacturers
  • 5000

    negotiations were held at the Chains' Wholesale Centre
Despite the snowy weather, it was hot at the Peterfood-2022: visitors, exhibitors, speakers and buyers shared positive energy and emotions, made new acquaintances and agreed to cooperate on the exhibition "streets".
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и международных производителей
260 companies from all federal districts of Russia were represented
at Peterfood, as well as products from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Hungary and Uzbekistan. This year they enjoyed special interest from wholesale buyers.

Traditionally, the stands of Belarusian manufacturers attracted
a lot of attention. Minsk Dairy Plant №1, Novovita, Babushkina Krynka presented natural dairy products, sausages, vegetable mixes and much more.

Путёвка в сетевой ритейл для региональных
и международных производителей
Companies were creative in attracting guests to the stands. Bank Ak Bars, which provides factoring services, surprised visitors with author cocktails
with unusual names: "Tropical Factoring", "Enjoyment of the Calculating"
and "Acquiring on the Beach". Partners and future clients of the bank discussed financial issues and tasted the original chocolate in Ak Bars Сafé. specialised marketplace prepared master classes on making drinks in a cezve, taught guests how to make
a coffee painting, and also invited them to taste unusual kinds of specialty coffee.
The guests of the exhibition particularly enjoyed the stand
of Soyuzpischeprom, where the company presented an open kitchen with pan-Asian dishes and a wide range of alternative milk. The chefs offered hot wok made of buckwheat noodles,
and the barista treated visitors to coffee with almond milk.
N.I. Tkachev Agrocomplex, the largest full-cycle industrial holding from the South of Russia, was also very popular this year. The company presented a new line of dairy products. There was a tasting of elite hard cheeses at the stand.
There were presented collective stands of 17 Russian regions at Peterfood-2022, thanks to the Federal Program of Small and Medium Business Support. Regular participants of the exhibition, Krasnodar, Novgorod, Tver and Samara regions, presented food novelties that will soon appear on the shelves of North-Western stores.
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The exhibitors presented more than 8 000 products of different categories: rare cheeses and sausages, unusual meat delicacies, traditional Russian drinks, coffee, healthy sweets, gift candies
and wines, which can become an alternative to the products
that have left the Russian market.

Soupchik Zdes, whose production is characterized by a careful selection of natural products and ingredients, was very popular.
The manufacturing and restaurant ecosystem Sobolev Alliance treated guests to traditional Russian sbiten and Ivan-Chai, and the Barnaul company Taysee - with the famous Altai tinctures. The interest of the buyers was aroused by Vologda mortadella, created according to the traditional Italian recipe and classic jamon from Meat Processing Plant Veles.
Products at the exhibition
Peterfood Salons 2022
Participants of the Salon Peterfood: Ingredients were grouped into a separate category at the exhibition for the first time. The exposition included manufacturers and suppliers of raw ingredients, flavourings, food colourings and dietary supplements. The experts presented new technologies, and talked about ingredients and food additives for manufacturing enterprises of the food industry at the All-Russian Forum “Strategic Challenges of FMCG Market 2023: Ingredients”.
Peterfood: Ingredients
Peterfood: Technologies and Innovations
New developments in the field of digital technology and equipment for retail chains were presented at the Salon Peterfood: Technologies and Innovations. Among the participants: Belunna, the manufacturer of energy-saving refrigerating split systems, and I-plast, the largest creator of polymeric large-size packaging.
According to the representative of Trial Market, participation in the exhibition helped the company to communicate directly with buyers, and the Chains’ Wholesale Center has become a great opportunity to meet those who make purchasing decisions in large chains.
Peterfood: AlcoHall
Russian and foreign manufacturers of alcoholic products took part in the AlcoHall Salon and negotiated with buyers from 40 FMCG chains. Suppliers conducted tastings and presentations of their products and discussed new product lines and technologies. Among this year's participants: Yermolaev, Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Plant Crimea, Taysee and others.

AlсoHall participants had an opportunity not only to demonstrate their products but also to take part in the focus session “Market at 360 Degrees: Key Changes and Trends of Alcohol Brands Development in 2023". Leading industry experts told about actual cases and peculiarities of promotion during the crisis period. The invited speakers: Alina Rakitina, General director of branding agency AZBUKA; Victor Kitaev, Creative Director, FMCG direction, DDVB; Vladislav Rudovsky, Brand-architect, Creative director of Adequate People Studio, Member of Branding Companies Association of Russia.

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Individual negotiations with representatives of retail chains traditionally took place in the Chains’ Wholesale Center. Manufacturers of food, alcoholic and soft drinks conducted more than 5,000 negotiations on supplies of goods to regional and federal chains,
as well as marketplaces and restaurants. New products will appear
in Perekrestok, Auchan, Verny, Pyaterochka, VkusVill and other stores this winter. On average, companies will conclude from 2 to 7 contracts based on the results of negotiations in the Chains Wholesale Center.
Negotiations program
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50 seminars and workshops were held simultaneously in four halls of the open business program Big City Trade Forum.
76 experts and practitioners of the industry held dozens of working sessions, analysed successful cases and shared their experiences.

Speakers covered all possible areas of retail and shared information, experience and tools for promotion, merchandising, brand building and attracting customers' attention. They presented new solutions for interacting with marketplaces and revealed the nuances of online sales of groceries.

Open business program for buyers and suppliers
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и международных производителей
The All-Russian conference "Formula of Grocery Store Success" was an important event of the forum. It consisted of two blocks, which were devoted to merchandising and category management. The participants discussed the transformation
of market trade, working technologies and anti-crisis management. The speakers included industry experts and practitioners Ekaterina Bogacheva, Anna Tischenko, Tatyana Kilimova, Evgeny Nagorny, Daria Vansovich and Olga Sherstobitova.

"The distinguishing feature of two brand collaborations is that in a merger one brand strengthens the other, and each participant gets an advantage (a direct competitor's collaboration is impossible). Also, the two brands must focus on collaboration and joint problem-solving. To successfully promote our RISE brand, we fix products according to certain characteristics for one retail chain, jointly brand products, customise goods for the retail chain, and conduct cross-marketing on joint terms."
"More and more additives produced from natural raw materials are appearing on the ingredients market. They are based on biotechnological processes of fermentation and microbial synthesis. Additives can imitate different tastes, smells, colours and many other properties. In addition, they can increase the biological value of the product and be part of complex food additives."
"Increased delivery times and "expensive" logistics have had a direct impact on the growth of the cost of delivered goods - food ingredients. The unstable EU environment is pushing European consumers to build substantial inventories of food ingredients
from China. These two factors have led to supplier disruptions and shortages of food ingredients, as well as high volatility in the cost of food ingredients. Creating a digital food product profile will help the manufacturer survive this period."

Daria Vansovich
Brand Director
Specialty Coffee
Elena Suchkova
International Scientific Center "Biotechnology of the Third Millennium", ITMO

Alexander Savkov
CEO of Ochakovsky Food Ingredients Plant

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As part of the business program, Peterfood was awarded the winners of industry contests "Innovative Product", "Our Brand" and "Choice of Chains" with gold and silver medals, diplomas and badges of honour.

Contest program
Another important Peterfood event in 2022 was the Peterfood Technology Award for speakers. The top prize in the category "Best Presentation of Solutions in Innovation, Technology and Services for Retail" was research on the FMCG market by Romir, a major research holding company.
The results of Peterfood Technology Award >>
The festive atmosphere of the event was certainly memorable for the participants and organizers. Although business is the main focus of the exhibition, but those who work well - rest well:
  • Participants of the Chains Wholesale Center tasted unusual cocktails of author's recipes from professional bartenders and enjoyed flamenco dancing during the breaks between negotiations;

  • And, of course, magical views of one of the most beautiful cities in the world remained in the memory of exhibitors after an evening tour by St. Petersburg
Evening program and informal atmosphere
We look forward to seeing you next year on November 14-16
at Peterfood-2023 and at our next event this summer -
Neva Buyers Week on June 20-21.
Петерфуд-2022 традиционно состоится в Экспофоруме
15-17 ноября 2022 года. Открыто бронирование стендов: