XXVI International Food Exhibition “PETERFOOD” // November 15-17, 2017, St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
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Registration for VISITORS at Peterfood exhibition continues until 14 November
Organizer:   КВК «Империя» Phone: +7 (812) 327-49-18
+7 (495) 730-79-06

Условия участия

Дата проведения форума: ноябрь 2015 года
ВАРИАНТ УЧАСТИЯ до 10 ноября Полная стоимость
1 делегат с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
46 900р. 54 900р.
2 делегата с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
86 900р. 101 900р.
Опции, предусмотренные Премиум участием, высылаются по запросу
99 900р.
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Participants about us

A place where suppliers conclude new contracts with retailers

At the "Peterfood" exhibition federal network came up to us and next week we will start deliveries"

Vitali Koval, "Lavsky"

"We produce frozen fillet group of cod, haddock and pollack. We have already conducted about 17 negotiations and we plan 8 more. Our product is quite interesting for the networks. I plan to bring about 5-7 good contracts from here"

Andrei Zubarev, "Akvatoria"

A clear picture of the food market of the North-West

"There were 17 negotiations with the networks yesterday and 7 today. I can see what the networks want; how I, as a producer, can make them to be interested in my products: what kind of product they want, what are their terms of delivery and cooperation with the Belarusian manufacturer, - all this became clear to me"

Pavel Kotov, Orshasyrzavod

Business contacts with retail chains buyers

"A remarkable event, an opportunity to meet partners, conclude new contacts and continue negotiations"

Tatyana Kuvshinova, "Selting"

Algorithm of entering the networks

"The Peterfood exhibition is really interesting because of its Chains Wholesale Center. Participation with the booth and negotiations at the CWC provide a synergistic effect. In just 2 days you can get results of hard work during 6-7 months"

Sergei Volodarsky, "Prilichnaya eda"

Innovative forms of business cooperation

"Great idea of negotiations format. Petersburg is a pioneer in many things, including this one. Everything can be done in just "one window" and it is very convenient"

Hamid Abduragimov, "Koska"

Opportunity to enter the promising market of the North-West

"Russia is a big and important market for us. We have already held 30 meetings and we hope that they will be very fruitful and will enable to conclude long-term contracts. It’s my first time taking part in the event of such format. There is nothing like that in Turkey"

Ozkan Kuntay, "Hleks", Turkey