XXVII International Food Exhibition “PETERFOOD” // November 13-15, 2018, St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
Organizer:   КВК «Империя» Phone: +7 (812) 327-49-18
+7 (495) 730-79-06

Условия участия

Дата проведения форума: ноябрь 2015 года
ВАРИАНТ УЧАСТИЯ до 10 ноября Полная стоимость
1 делегат с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
46 900р. 54 900р.
2 делегата с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
86 900р. 101 900р.
Опции, предусмотренные Премиум участием, высылаются по запросу
99 900р.
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Exhibition Venue

St. Petersburg, Peterburgskoye shosse, 64/1

EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre  is St. Petersburg's newest hi-tech venue for business, cultural, and entertainment events of any format and size: exhibitions, conventions, forums, concerts, sporting events, and much more. Filled with day light, the ample passage of exhibition complex is connected with for four commodious exhibiting halls that can be easily transformed to convenient space of any form and size you need. All complex was designed as fully-developed infrastructure with perfect logistical capabilities, including hotels, business centers, cafes, restaurants, outdoor and underground parking, covered galleries between buildings on the complex territory, spacious warehouses, customs and much more.

EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre is located only in 10 minutes from Pulkovo International Airport, which is being modernized and which over the next several years will be turned into a major transport hub. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Expoforum from the historical centre of St. Petersburg, and the nearby ring motorway allows you to reach quickly all other districts of the city.

How to get by car:

How to get by car

GPS: 59.76351, 30.35746

Directions :

  • Turn left to the tunnel from Pulkovskoye highway to Petersburgskoye shosse, in the direction of Pushkin
  • Then move ahead 2,5 km until a few meters before the traffic lights
  • Then turn right, to EXPOFORUM territory

Public transportation:

Free shuttle buses  During the events at Expoforum only  From “Moskovskaya” Metro (underground) station

Public transport stop at Moskovsky prospekt, 197
From 09:30 to 19:00, every 15-20 minutes

Public transportation:

From “Moskovskaya” Metro (underground) station
Bus #187a
Only during the events at the Expoforum
From 08:30 till 19:40, every 15 minutes
Fare: 28 RUR per person per ride

Bus #187. Fixed-route taxi #K-545, #K-299
Destination stop: Peterburgskoe shosse, 7 minutes on foot to the Expoforum