Preparation for participation
When is it better to apply for participation in the exhibition?
We, as the organizers, try to ensure that participation in the exhibition and preparation for the event makes as little inconvenience and stress to our customers as possible. Therefore, we recommend to apply for participation in the exhibition as early as possible. This will allow, firstly, to choose the most advantageous location of your company's stand in the pavilion, and secondly, calmly, without haste, discuss and conclude an agreement, pay in parts, at a time convenient for you.
When is the deadline for application acceptance?
Normally, acceptance of applications ends 2 weeks before the event, but by this time, as a rule, there are no more stands with an advantageous location in the pavilion. Therefore, we suggest that you apply for participation as early as possible.
What does an UNEQUIPPED AREA mean in the application form?
For companies that wish to make their participation in the exhibition as bright, unusual as possible, and also have an additional budget, the organizers offer such an option of participation as independent building of the stand or ordering designs from third-party contractors. For this purpose, we provide an unequipped area, which implies only the place of a certain square in the exhibition hall. The price of this place does not include walls, electricity, carpet, furniture. In this case, you will need to order electricity from the organizers.
What does an EQUIPPED AREA mean in the application form?
For maximum convenience of the exhibitors, we provide the option of booking an equipped area, i.e. exhibition stand, equipped with the necessary set of equipment, sufficient to participate in the exhibition with minimal cost.
What equipment is included in an EQUIPPED AREA?
These are walls, carpeting, 2 chairs, a table, electricity, 1.5 kW socket, a fascia board with the company name (up to 10 letters - for free), a hanger, a dustbin, a spotlight (for every 4 sq.m).
How can I order additional equipment and when is it better to do it?
It is possible to order additional equipment according to the list in the Exhibition Additional Equipment. List of equipment will be sent to you by the exhibition manager. We recommend to make an order in advance, because in case of late ordering, the necessary equipment may not be in stock, or a 100% cover charge on the cost of its rent will be applied.
What does the cover charge on an ANGULAR POSITION, ENDCAP, etc. mean?
If the ordered stand has the most advantageous position – open from two sides, open from three sides, etc., special mandatory cover charges on the cost of the exhibition area are applied: 10% on the angular position (open from two sides), 15% on the position “endcap” (open from three sides), 20% on the position “island” (open from four sides).
What is included in the REGISTRATION FEE, and is it necessary to pay it?
Registration fee is compulsory and is paid once per company. Registration fee includes accreditation of company representatives at the exhibition, a copy of the catalog, placement of information about participants in the exhibition catalog, provision of invitation tickets to the exhibition for participants, a package of information documents, an invitation to official banquet with a concert program in honor of the exhibition opening, sending invitation cards through the participants' base.
What is the difference between the “Economic” registration fee and the “Active Chain” registration fee?
Presentation of goods to purchasers of 40 chains of Saint Petersburg and the North-West region of Russia (bypassing chains), conducting tastings at the stand for chains, participation in the competition “Chains Selection”, participation of 1 representative in the Chains’ Wholesale Centre™ – direct supply negotiations with representatives of 40 chains of the North-West region of Russia, participation of 1 representative in the food forum “Big City Trade”, inviting targeted visitors to your stand.
What does the placement of advertisement imply, is it a text about our company in the catalog?
No, advertisement in the catalogs of our exhibitions is an additional image, advertising “picture” of the company, provided by the participant in graphic format (.cdr, .eps, etc.) and placed by the organizer on a separate page in the catalog. Depending on the cost, it can be in color or black and white.
What are the requirements for advertisement?
How does your company attract visitors to the exhibition?
Our company, being the organizer of exhibitions and conferences in almost all sectors of the economy, has a vast and updated base for almost all existing enterprises. For us, the key means of attracting visitors is direct, often personalized, distribution of invitations to company executives whose scope of activity is potentially suitable for attracting visitors to the exhibition.

For the maintenance, verification and updating of the database, as well as the formation of lists of potential visitors to the exhibition and conducting mailings, the company has a special department, whose employees constantly monitor the database to be completed and updated. In the work, our attention getting department uses all modern means of communication – telemarketing, e-mail, SMS notification, courier delivery of invitation letters and much more.

In addition to the most effective direct mailings, our company actively places information about the exhibition in local and international print and electronic media, as well as banners, street banners and posters on the streets of the city, auditory advertising in the subway.

Our professional PR team regularly writes and publishes press releases and press reports about the event in the media, which also contributes to additional advertising of the event.
When do I need to provide a text description?
The deadline for submitting a description for the catalog is 1 month prior to the exhibition. Although, we usually recommend that participants provide description as soon as possible, immediately after submitting the application. This will help to avoid misunderstandings later, as well as to make a translation, if necessary.
If one company participates and another pays, who should fill in the application form?
In such cases, please fill out an application for the payer, while indicating the name of the participating company in a special box.
Is it necessary to stamp and put a director's signature in the application?
Yes, the seal and signature of the director are mandatory in the application form.
What happens after we send you an application?
After we have received the duly executed application form (signed and stamped), it is registered in our system. The selected stand location in the pavilion is considered to be temporarily reserved for your company until the first payment for participation is received. After receiving the payment, the stand is considered booked by your company for the period of the exhibition.
Do you conclude an agreement with the participants?
The agreement shall be concluded in a mandatory manner. You are kindly requested to send your company details together with the application form (in electronic form in a variable format) to speed up the process of drafting an agreement.
What currency can we pay?
For the convenience of our participants from around the world, we accept payment in Russian rubles, Euro or US dollars.
Do you provide original accounting documents, agreements, and when can we get them?
Organizers and participants exchange original agreement and accounting documents at the exhibition. On this subject, you can always contact the organizers' stand directly in the exhibition pavilion.
Do you provide complimentary tickets for distribution to our customers/partners?
As a rule, our participants use the electronic version of the invitation for distribution.

If you need printed invitations, we will be happy to provide them. For this purpose, contact the exhibition manager.

We can also send an invitation ticket through your database with an invitation to your stand. More information is available from the exhibition manager.
In addition to participation with a stand, what are the other forms of participation in the event?
For companies wishing to use the commercial potential of the exhibition and get the maximum benefit from their participation, the organizers created a number of additional opportunities, including:

As well as conducting a seminar, round table discussion, master class, placing a banner on the event website, sponsoring an event or individual options. More information can be obtained from the exhibition manager.
What does Virtual Participation in the exhibition mean?
Virtual participation in the exhibition includes placement of information up to 500 characters in the exhibition catalog, a copy of the catalog and accreditation of 1 representative.
Trip and cargo delivery arrangement
Do you have a list of recommended hotels and any special accommodation offers for participants?
For the convenience of participants and in order to reduce their costs for the exhibition, the organizers conclude an agreement with the main hotels of the city on the provision of special prices and discounts for our exhibitors. Please contact your manager for more information or contact our tour operator “Imperia Tour” LLC: tel.: +7 812 448 66 27,
We need to deliver the goods to participate in the exhibition from another city/state. Who would you recommend to contact?
We recommend you to contact the Expoforum official forwarder – Pan-BALTService Company
We need to unload exhibits/materials in the pavilion. Who can help us?
In order to perform such works, we recommend you to contact the Expoforum official forwarder – Pan-BALTService Company
Installation and development
Do I need accreditation of the third-party developer in the pavilion? Whom should I contact?
Any third-party organization is obliged to undergo accreditation of the third-party developer before the commencement of installation works. Regardless of whether it is a professional developer or the company participating in the exhibition, which designs its own stand. Please see the following link for details of the procedure, as well as the timing of its completion:
When can the developer start building a stand?
According to the dates of installation and dismantling set by the exhibition organizers.
Do developers need badges?
After the accreditation has been completed, all organizations involved in the installation receive admission to the pavilion and “installation badges”, according to the list of persons involved in the accreditation.
We have ordered an equipped area. When can we come to the pavilion to arrange our stand?
Arrival of participants who ordered the equipped area is carried out 1 day before the opening of the exhibition. You can accept your stand from 2.00 PM to 8.00 PM.
Since when exhibits are guarded? Can I leave valuables/equipment at the stand on the day of arrival?
On the day of arrival, the pavilion is officially guarded from 10.00 pm. Until this time, it is not recommended to leave valuables at the stands without supervision, since security is not responsible for them.
Work at the exhibition
How the exhibits are guarded during the exhibition?
During the exhibition, exhibits are guarded at night, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 am. During business hours (from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm), only general policing is carried out in the pavilion, and exhibitors are independently responsible for the safety of their personal belongings at the stands.
Since when is the access to the pavilions open for participants during the exhibition?
Access to the pavilions for exhibitors is open daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. Visitors are allowed to enter from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
Where can I find a manager/coordinator/technical manager during the exhibition?
For your convenience, as well as for the most immediate resolution of any issues arising in the process of participation in the exhibition, the organizers are constantly in the exhibition pavilion. You can always find a manager/coordinator/technical manager or representative of the Imperia company directly at the Directorate’s stand, which operates daily, including the day of arrival, from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. You can find the location of the Directorate in advance on the floor plan of the exhibition pavilion or clear up it at the reception.
How do we register employees who will work at the stand?
In order to register the employees who will work at the stand during the exhibition, you must fill out and send by e-mail a voucher form for the exhibitors where you need to enter employee details who will work at the stand.
Attach the form.
Where and when can we get our badges?
During all days of installation, the pavilion will have a registration desk for participants, where you can get badges for exhibitors.
Where and when can we get our exhibition catalogs?
Catalogs will be delivered directly to your stand on the first day of the exhibition.
Where do I need to stamp my business trip certificate?
You can set a stamp on business trip certificates at the Directorate stand at any time during the exhibition.
Until when should I stay at my stand on the last day of the exhibition?
On the last day, the exhibition is open until 5.00 pm. We recommend all participants to stay at the stands until the specified time, as the assembly gates will not open earlier, loading and unloading operations are prohibited, and transportation of exhibits is impossible.
Why do organizers recommend to apply for the next year's exhibition directly at the event?
We recommend to apply for the next year’s exhibition directly at the event in order to secure the company's current location of the stand (according to statistics, about 40% of the area for the next year can be booked directly at the exhibition), select the best location in advance, and get a discount on the exhibition area.